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Sports Podiatry

We do run lectures to podiatry practitioners and other professionals on topics related to foot injuries. We are a member of Sports Medicine Australia, Australian Academy of Podiatric Sport Medicine group. Our practitioner do attend sporting activities and present at various sport functions and gyms.
Whilst we recognise the importance of individual and/or specialised care for athletes, and especially child athlete, we also recognise the importance of a multidiscipline team based approach to Sports Medicine. Therefore we work very closely with chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, and Pilate's instructors.
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We do visit local gyms, footwear retailers and fitness centres for regular lectures to their staff and clients. 
Our team has had experience with elite athletes from all sporting arena's - including athletes from track and field, rugby league, soccer, skiing, fencing and martial arts.

Basic Stretching And Strengthening

This handout is designed to show you the BASIC stretches. Gastrocnemius (calf muscle), Quadriceps and Soleus.
Click Here to see Hamstring stretching
Click Here to see Calf stretching
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