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Injection therapy

One of the latest treatments modality for heel pain, arch pain, and neuroma symptoms is high volume injections, Prolotheraphy and steroid injections. We are pleased with the number of patients with chronic plantar fasciitis who have improved following this in-office therapy. Although most patients respond to anti-inflammatory medications, taping and strapping, orthotics and stretching, it is beneficial to have a minimally invasive treatment that can in many cases keep patients from having to have a surgical plantar facial tendon release.

Custom Orthotics and Shoes

Inserts for your feet can be provided by anyone including your local chemist. Unfortunately the market is inundated with products that are absolutely waste of your money and time. We offer biomechanical analysis of patients, children and athletes for custom sport orthotics. Many elite athletes are enjoying our carefully designed custom and non-custom orthotics for correction of faulty mechanics and prevention of injuries in sports such as skiing, skating, professional dancing, football, fencing, sprinting, golf and walking. We use latest technologies and proven techniques in corrective supports and we make sure you are fully happy with our orthotics.

Diabetic Pads and Diabetic Insoles

Diabetic patients that have decreased or no sensation in the foot, greatly benefit from the protection of diabetic shoes and protective insoles. At Eastpoint Podiatry we do keep a selection of specially padded inserts, and protective devices for the high risk foot.


We do treat pedal problems associated with extreme disabilities in individuals with complex regional pain syndrome, polio, stroke victims, amputees, adducto varus deformities, drop foot disorder, paralysis, flaccid foot, neurovascular disorders and manage foot problems caused by trauma and bad surgery.
We also treat club foot deformities in children with Ponseti Technique of serial casting.


Eastpoint Podiatry is equipped to provide minor surgical procedures:
  • Partial or Total Nail matrixectomy ( Ingrown toe nail procedure)
  • Surgical excision of warts and other minor soft tissue lesions.
  • Removal of fungus from fungal infected nails.
  • Removal of foreign objects.